The goal of the AEAC is to bring together anaesthesia professionals around the world, the committee that coordinates the association consists mainly of university professors.

The AEAC takes responsibility for the dissemination of knowledge in cardiac anaesthesia aimed at professionals and students, via the bilingual "Cardiac Anesthesia Textbook" (CAT)5 website that is under construction, constituting one aspect of the CAT 5 Project.

Visits to the French "Précis d'Anesthésie Cardiaque" (PAC)4 website have been steadily increasing since January 2011. Currently imited to the French-speaking world, the authors firmly believe that it is now time to turn this resource into a multilingual site.

The change of scale linked to the firstly English publication of the website, requires the coordination of technical and financial resources; this is the role of the AEAC. To make the CAT 5 project sustainable, the AEAC is calling on foundations, institutions and users of PAC 4 to contribute to its funding. The AEAC relies on the support of universities, such as the Faculty of Medicine and Biology in Lausanne (CH) and the College of Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston (USA).

The AEAC is governed by the Swiss civil code for non-profit associations, as evidenced by its statutes.